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Strategic audit of the Rhône departmental laboratory

The regulatory and commercial context in which departmental laboratories operate has undergone profound changes for several years: regionalization of analysis markets, positioning of departmental laboratories in the event of a health crisis, etc. At the same time, these laboratories are subject to further competition. in addition, which has an impact on the prices of analyzes and therefore on their financial balance. They must also cope with a decrease in the subsidy of the Departmental Councils, in particular because of the budgetary constraints weighing on these local authorities. Also, to respond to this double injunction, laboratories must reorganize themselves in order to be able to continue to invest to develop new analytical methods and / or to respond to sudden increases in analysis volumes. The strategic response to be provided in this context is not unique and must adapt to the economic, health, organizational and political realities of each territory: public - private or public - public partnerships, refocusing of analytical activities, development on new markets , ...

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