30 years of innovation by your side

The Phylum logo has 3 symbols to represent the evolution over time of the same sign in Sumerian script, which means "cow".

The first sign represents a drawing of a cow's head; easily recognisable, it offers however few possibilities for the transmission of complex information.
Even if it remains the product of a drawing, the 2nd sign indicates the choice of a simpler, faster realisation.
The 3rd sign has become an abstract character suitable for the pen and clay tablets. Surrounded by the other letters of the Sumerian script, it allows a greater richness of meanings, a better transmission of information.

Mastering the meaning of its development, formalising a know-how, transmitting this knowledge: the evolution of a company and the history of writing are two parallel stories.


30 years of missions



Creation of Phylum by 4 veterinarians


Launch of Pfizer-Entrepreneur

Launch of Pfizer-Entrepreneurs, the first Practice Management training course for Veterinarians (Pfizer - HEC partnership)

Pfizer logo


First mission for Danone

First mission for Danone: implementation of an IT system dedicated to the management of the relationship with milk producers for Danone France

Old logo Danone


First international contracts

Phylum completes its first international contracts in Central and Eastern Europe (partnership with AFNOR)


ESB crisis analysis

Launch of missions on the analysis of the BSE crisis in France and Europe and its consequences on the organisation of food safety within companies and from the point of view of risk assessment and management authorities

ESB - Philippe BARALON


Extension of the Danone computer system

Beginning of the extension of the IT system dedicated to the management of the relationship with milk producers to all the subsidiaries of the Danone group: in 2020, 15 subsidiaries are concerned worldwide


Creation of the SCANELIS laboratory

Participation in the creation of the veterinary molecular biology laboratory Scanelis


BSB crisis continued

Phylum develops the ESST2001 application to transmit BSE test results from accredited laboratories and centralize them in a Ministry of Agriculture database

Logiciel ESB.2001


First partnership with the DGAl

Since 2002 and Phylum's first collaboration with the DGAl for the design and implementation of the SACHA format, an EDI format for exchanging laboratory data, Phylum has been involved in numerous FMOA missions for the implementation of computerised data exchanges in the health field (laboratory data, sales of medicines containing antibiotics)




Phylum continues its internationalisation with its first contracts with the World Bank and the Food Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

Banque Mondiale + FAO


Marketing of our LIMS

Marketing of the first French full web LIMS : Phylum.Laboratoire

LIMS Phylum.Laboratoire


Collaboration with the OIE

Start of the collaboration with the OIE on capacity building of veterinary services (PVS pathway) and prioritisation of animal diseases



Move to Colomiers

Relocation to the current site in Colomiers in a low-energy wood-structured building

Phylum - Scanelis


Epifaune conception

Design and development of a wildlife health data management tool: Epifaune



Adoption of the international standard ISO TS 34700

Adoption of the international standard ISO TS 34700 on animal welfare after two years of work by a working group led by Phylum



Danone Animal Welfare program

Support to Danone's Animal Welfare program with the development of a web and mobile application for animal welfare management in animal farming

Animal Welfare Danone


30 Vet Business Forum

For 10 years, participation in 30 Vet Business Forum in 15 countries on 4 continents, events dedicated to veterinary practice management - partnership with Royal Canin

30 Vet Business Forum


Analysis of the consolidation of veterinary care facilities around the world

Analysis of the consolidation of veterinary care institutions around the world and consequences for independent veterinary businesses (one thesis, one book, five published articles and a dozen of conferences)

Thèse Lucile Frayssinet


30 years old!

Phylum celebrates its 30th birthday !!!

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