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COVID19 analyzes with PCR subcontracted by human biology laboratories

Several veterinary laboratories carry out analyzes of COVID-19 by PCR as a subcontractor of human biology laboratories.

Phylum has evolved its LIMS Phylum.Laboratory to easily and efficiently manage this type of analysis, in particular by developing interfaces to connect to PCR machines and process large volumes of samples.

The Departmental Council and the Departmental Analysis Laboratory of Morbihan have asked Phylum to integrate into LIMS Phylum.Laboratoire a Computerized Data Exchange module according to the HPRIM Health standard, an exchange format used by most players in biology medical.

The Phylum team developed in a very short time the functionalities for sending analysis results in HPRIM format for direct integration into the applicant's information system, which makes it possible to improve results delivery times. .

The next stage, in development, will be delivered in October.
It will allow the integration of Computerized Analysis Requests from prescribing laboratories for a fully automated recording of analysis files.