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New MOOC : "Viral Outbreaks and Pandemics : a One Health approach"

Institut Pasteur is launching a new MOOC "Viral Outbreaks and Pandemics : a One Health approach". Here's the flyer 

Flyer MOOC viral Outbreaks and Pandmics

Chloé Le Gall-Ladevèze and François Gary present a module entitled "Increased movement of people, animals and goods and spread of diseases".

The course will be broadcasted from February 13th until April 17th,2024, and registration is open until April 12th.

It will be recorded in English, with French and English subtitles. 

This MOOC is a very useful training for all professionals dealing with One Health issues.

Click here to find out more details about the MOOC and to register  

By supporting this initiative from Institut Pasteur, we are proud to share our expertise for a safer world. 🌍