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PVS Strategic Planning for Veterinary Services of Kyrgyzstan

François GARY is leading a workshop organized by the WOAH (World Organisation for Animal Health) to support the Veterinary Services of Kyrgyzstan in drafting their national strategic plan for the next years.

The WOAH is launching this new service to support Veterinary Services of its member countries to develop a strategic plan, based on national priorities and strategies, as well as on the recommendations of the PVS* evaluation and the PVS Gap Analysis. 

This is a participatory process through a 3 day workshop involving key decision-makers and managers of veterinary services, with other competent authorities to encourage a One Health Approach and the main stakeholders. 

This will encourage stronger commitment from national decision-makers and international donors.

Here are some pictures of this week (July 25-28, 2023)


* Performance of Veterinary Service