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Evaluation of the alternative "independent development / sale to a group" for a veterinary company

The consolidation of the veterinary care establishments sector, which started out in the United States and has gone global, opens up new strategic options for managers of independent companies in the sector. Phylum assists their managers in the comparative analysis of an autonomous development and a sale to a group.

This assessment integrates regulatory, medical, strategic and financial aspects. An initial information phase sheds light on the consolidation process underway in the world and in particular in Europe. This phase concludes with an analysis of the particularities of the market in the country in question (players present, regulatory specificities, etc.) and of the economic model (general dog activity, specialized canine, mixed, rural or equine activity). Based on a small number of scenarios assessed, managers can choose the strategy that best suits their business, their situation and their personal projects. Where appropriate, Phylum supports the company either in defining its development plan or in the strategic and financial aspects of the disposal process.