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Project management assistance for the Calypso projectThe

Since the start of the project in January 2022, Phylum has been supporting the French Veterinary Statutory Body in the design and development of this platform for veterinarians. Calypso will make it possible to electronically manage relations between vets and the administration and other health stakeholders as part of their health missions.

This application contains 13 business processes that are put into production on a priority basis. The first processes to be put into production are : management of continuing training courses for vets; a tool for steering the national vaccination campaign against highly pathogenic avian influenza, which begins on 02 october 2023; management of notifications to vets, an interface database for the transmission of meat exclusions for equines, and health reporting in the event of animal abuse.

For the latest news on Calypso, click on the image below : (news in french)

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