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Danone : Award winner for CIWF Animal Welfare 2021 Innovation awards

Danone just received a Special Regognition Awards within CIWF Innovation Awards for its digital assessment tool for dairy cow welfare, developed by Phylum and deployed globally.
This tool cofounded by Danone Produits Frais France and Danone Group was developed by Phylum and is deployed globally.

Phylum put in the development of this tablet application all its expertise on animal welfare, integrating a very detailed on line help for auditors and developing an operational and user friendly tool serving the evaluation, following its workflow and integrating different types of criteria: animal based observations, criteria on the housing and interview of the producer. This tool is available in the different language of the country’s users and allows to give immediate feedback to the producer, to identify areas for improvement and to facilitate the implementation of action plans on different practices linked to the herds’ welfare.

“Having a global tool that provides clear guidelines and benchmarks motivates both the Danone team as well as the farmers on the most important topic of animal welfare.” said Cees Jan Hollander, Global Farming Expertise Manager at Danone.

“Bravo” to Danone for its commitment to the topic and for this recognition of the means employed to support welfare continuous improvement in its partners farms.