Benefit from Phylum's expertise in the laboratories world

By choosing Phylum.Laboratoire, you are not only buying a LIMS but also benefiting from Phylum's expertise in the laboratories world. The consultants who will accompany you in the implementation of our software package are familiar with the problems of the different laboratory professions and will be able to analyse your needs, translate them into IT terms and advise you in the best possible way for the choices of parameterisation or organisation to be implemented. Coupled with Phylum.Laboratoire's easy parameterisation, this is the guarantee of obtaining a LIMS that meets your expectations.

Why choosing Phylum.Laboratoire?


An easy to handle LIMS

The care taken in ergonomics facilitates the learning of Phylum.Laboratory: same screen presentation for all modules, menus according to the forward path of the file, filters and sorting allow instant access to the desired information


Natively developed as a thin client

Phylum.Laboratoire is a "full web" solution based entirely on internet technologies. It is therefore completely suitable for multi-site operation and greatly facilitates the installation and maintenance processes of the system.


Fully configurable

The very powerful configuration functions of Phylum.Laboratoire allow it to adapt to all organizations and all professions. It is also the guarantee of choosing a LIMS that will evolve with your needs and your activity.


Open to the outside

Phylum.Laboratoire is a solution that communicates and integrates with the other IT tools in your laboratory: interfaces with the other building blocks of your information system and automatic analysis machines, easy export and extraction of data, data exchange with your customers...

All of Phylum's expertise in our LIMS

Phylum has leveraged its expertise in the field of analysis laboratories to develop the Phylum.Laboratoire LIMS. This integrated management software package covers all laboratory functions, from the performance of analyses to invoicing, as well as support functions (logistics, stocks, quality). Open to the outside world, this solution also has connections to PLCs and integrates the main EDI languages (SISE-EAUX, SANDRE, eLabs...). Thanks to its easy settings and its adaptability, Phylum.Laboratoire can be used for different fields of activity: animal health, hydrology, food hygiene, environment...