Testimonies of our recruits

Augustin Borderon - Junior Consultant

With Phylum since September 2021


With a degree in agricultural engineering and a master in epidemiological surveillance, I joined Phylum in September 2021 as a Junior Consultant.

I was immediately integrated in the company with a good and formative supervision. I was able to enter this business world (new for me) via a small but united team with a healthy and pleasant working atmosphere.

The numerous jobs of Junior Consultant at Phylum allow me to work at the interface of several fields, in contact with agricultural and rural areas, while meeting the challenges of information structuring.


Jimi Truong - Work-study Developer

With Phylum since August 2021


I joined Phylum in August 2021 to do a one-year alternating work-study program as part of my degree in computer science. Phylum is my first professional experience in the IT industry.

The entire team, consultants, developers have helped me in my professional integration. I learned a lot in a very short time.

In its field of intervention : animal health and welfare, food and environmental sectors, Phylum is involved in various missions (there is never a dull moment). What appealed to me was the constant evolution of the company, a team that thinks, adapts and tries to keep up to date with new technologies and working methods : we never stop learning.

Phylum's SER commitments

A social ethic

  • Compliance with social regulations.
  • Priority to training and skills transfer.
  • Absence of any discrimination of gender, race, opinion, religion...
  • Respect for local cultures and practices: pace of work, safety rules...

An environmental ethic

  • Priority given to low-carbon means of transport.
  • Bonus for all employees who come to the office by soft mobility.
  • Installation of a composter for recycling organic waste.
  • An energy saving plan for the daily use of the building and equipment.

A business ethic

  • Absence of any corrupt practice.
  • Compliance with regulations relating to taxes and social charges in force.
  • Non-dumping pricing policy.