Testimonies of our recruits

Chloé Le Gall - Ladevèze - Consultant

With Phylum since September 2022

Trained at the National Veterinary School of Toulouse, I graduated in 2018. Curious about global health issues from the perspective of One Health, I completed my studies with a Master 2 in Integrated Management of Tropical Animal Diseases, followed by a PhD in eco-epidemiology at the interface between free-range poultry and wild birds. Then, wishing to contribute to projects responding to concrete needs for change, I joined Phylum in September 2022.

Phylum's various fields of intervention, with a wide variety of national and international customers, make the job of consultant very stimulating, and in a formative framework thanks to the company's great experience. Phylum's extensive network and diverse internal competencies allow for an integrated, operational approach that is always close to the clients' needs. I am proud to contribute today to projects that are directly involved in improving the management of animal welfare and health, as well as that of the people who live with them.

Anaïs Redissi - Consultant

With Phylum since April 2022


Anxious to join a company in line with my values and expectations, I left my previous job in order to offer my experiences in the service of the living world. With a degree in agricultural engineering in project management, I joined Phylum in April 2022 with an immersion in different subjects.

Phylum deals with the major current issues in its areas of intervention, namely food chains, animal welfare and information systems. The supervision is formative and the follow-up is regular. The proximity with the clients allows a better understanding of their needs; the job of consultant then takes on its full meaning. Today, I am proud to contribute to innovative national and international projects and I consider that I have reached my professional goal !


Phylum's SER commitments

A social ethic

  • Compliance with social regulations.
  • Priority to training and skills transfer.
  • Absence of any discrimination of gender, race, opinion, religion...
  • Respect for local cultures and practices: pace of work, safety rules...

An environmental ethic

  • Priority given to low-carbon means of transport.
  • Bonus for all employees who come to the office by soft mobility.
  • Installation of a composter for recycling organic waste.
  • An energy saving plan for the daily use of the building and equipment.

A business ethic

  • Absence of any corrupt practice.
  • Compliance with regulations relating to taxes and social charges in force.
  • Non-dumping pricing policy.