Food supply chains

Phylum works with companies in the food industry from upstream to downstream. Its knowledge of the specificities of the food industry, and in particular, the interfaces with upstream agriculture, enables it to bring its expertise by combining the strategic stakes and the sanitary and quality requirements of the markets.

Animal health and Welfare

Animal Health : Phylum works with all those involved in animal health and animal welfare: competent authorities, professional associations, veterinary care institutions, pharmaceutical laboratories and companies involved in animal production, with a wide range of missions.

Animal Welfare : Phylum supports both animal production companies and veterinary authorities. In line with international standards, Phylum's consultants are involved in the definition and implementation of policies for the prevention and control of animal diseases and the enhancement of animal welfare.

Quality control and compliance

Phylum is one of the leading consultancy firms in France in the sector of animal biology laboratories, agriculture, food, water and environment. Our in-depth knowledge of the operators and prescribers of analyses as well as the clients of the laboratories: inter-professional structures, government services, etc. allows us to understand the challenges and evolutions that laboratories are confronted with.