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New edition of the FAO manual: Good emergency management practice: The essentials.

Phylum is proud to announce the publication by FAO of the newly third edition of the guide on good emergency management practices (Good emergency management practice: The essentials, or ‘GEMP guide’). 
Dr François Gary and Dr Mathilde CLAUSS actively contributed to this work, leading the international working group gathered by FAO, with Dr E. Bonbon and Dr E. M. Myers, from FAO.

The management of animal health emergencies is one of the major issue countries may be faced to. By developing management practices for animal health emergencies, this guide is a tool to reinforce countries preparedness, not only for competent authorities, but also for all other stakeholders of livestock sectors, integrating the #One Health approach.

Phylum provided its expertise in crisis management, gained with the private sector as well as with the veterinary services.

The guide may be downloaded  on the following link: https://doi.org/10.4060/cb3833en

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