Testimonies of our recruits

Lucile Frayssinet - Junior Consultant

With Phylum since March 2019

Newly graduated from the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse , I arrived at Phylum’s in March 2019 to complete  my veterinary thesis.
After several months of internship, I was offered to join the team as a consultant, specialised in veterinary business management.
Due to the diversity of the profession, the career development prospects , the supervision offered and the presence of a pleasant and close-knit  team, I didn't hesitate one second to embark  on the adventure.

Loïc Laviale - Developer

With Phylum since February 2020

After almost 20 years spent in a large car builder group, Phylum offered me to join a human-sized team.
As soon as I arrived I was immediately integrated into the development team and the necessary training followed to be quickly operational.
The working methods used and the investment of each one allow us to progress quickly and well: here the word Agile is not just an acronym!
Finally, I was seduced by the field of work that brings me closer to my rural origins.
Today, I serenely evolve within this eco-responsible company and I am fully satisfied with my professional activity.

Phylum's SER commitments

A social ethic

  • Compliance with social regulations.
  • Priority to training and skills transfer.
  • Absence of any discrimination of gender, race, opinion, religion...
  • Respect for local cultures and practices: pace of work, safety rules...

An environmental ethic

  • Priority given to low-carbon means of transport.
  • Priority to recycling and eco-responsible waste management.
  • Respect for animal welfare and preservation of natural environments.
  • Fight against potential risks of spreading parasites or diseases.

A business ethic

  • Absence of any corrupt practice.
  • Compliance with regulations relating to taxes and social charges in force.
  • Non-dumping pricing policy.